Zinix incorporation is a business initiative established in 2014 in Bangladesh. It is a company that combines industry and trade specializing in promotional office & students’ stationeries such as Staplers, Staples, Staple Removers, Paper Punches, Scissors, Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Carbon Papers, Gum Tackers, Pneumatic Tools, Industrial Staples, File Covers, Bags, Cutting Knives and Calculators etc.
Since its inception Zinix incorporation has been trying to explore the local market with a view to meeting the needs of millions of customers throughout the country. Zinix’s positive response to the needs of markets in home and abroad in the strict control of product quality and price has already led us to the doorway of success in a fairly short period of time.
Zinix incorporation with its skilled professionals and management team is in relentless effort to satisfy the customers by supplying all of our products to their entire satisfaction first and every time with continuous upgradation in quality and services.
This business organization is enriched with a well equipped research and development center and a warehouse with all the modern facilities located in the heart of the city. This location of the office gives us a convenient transportation that contributes to our low product price. Zinix is committed to ensure quality and service to the utmost satisfaction of the customers.

Our mission is to be the most valuable brand in the arena of stationary through the process of creative design, advanced technology and excellent quality, providing eco-friendly and quality products at affordable price by using safe materials and manufacturing expedient to ensure a well-educated and developed society.

The success of Zinix Incorporation business entity is dependent on how best the company serves and relates to its clients. To this end, Zinix Incorporation will walk an extra mile in ensuring that it cultivates a mutually productive relationship by meeting its clientele's expectations.

Zinix Incorporation offers an extensive range of excellent stationary products for offices, schools and individuals.

Zinix Incorporation as a dutiful and responsible organization to the society is obviously committed to do better for the other members of the society. Thus the company organizes and participates in various social development programs to improve the quality of people’s life. In the society some people are deprived of good facilities. Zinix Incorporation feels an internal vocation to do something for this segment of people. Zinix Incorporation provides voluntary services engaging its employees in community based works. We endeavor to provide the customers quality service at rates that will allow us to sustain ourselves. We will continue to network with other institutions that will help to address the socio-economic deficits in our communities.

Ensuring excellent quality, wide range of products and cheapest value, Zinix Incorporation desires to be the most recognized brand with offices, schools and individuals in the stationary arena.

Accountability : Zinix Incorporation promises accountability among all its employees.
Honesty and Integrity : As honesty, responsibility and quality is our driving force, we work for the betterment and development of our team and entire satisfaction of our customers, clients and suppliers.
Trust and Transparency : Zinix Incorporation is transparent and trustworthy in ensuring good service and accuracy maintaining time schedule, quality and standard.
Teamwork & Promoting Partnership : Zinix Incorporation possesses team work environment towards problem solution and project implementation.
Professionalism and Knowledge : Zinix Incorporation has achieved wide knowledge throughout the years having developed professionalism among each and every of its employees.
Respect : Zinix Incorporation understands the values of people to its success having trust, respect to the opinions of employees, customers, stakeholders and partners.
Fairness and Equity : Zinix Incorporation rewards the employees on their performances and contributions recognizing unique value of each employee from varied perspectives.
Competitiveness : Zinix Incorporation is working in competitive atmosphere with efficient and reliable operations, quality learning products and better customer service adopting best practices, seeking innovation and sharing knowledge for par excellence.
Quality : Zinix Incorporation is ceaselessly maintaining the quality and standards of all its products for ensuring the customers’ satisfaction all over the world.

Profitability : To ensure reasonable return on investment and to maintain adequate liquidity utilizing the assets and human resources in the most effective and efficient manner.
Growth : To achieve reasonable and consistent growth developing the infrastructure and expertise in the organization.
Organizational Environment : To create a safe working environment that encourages dedicated team spirit resulting in co-operation between staffs and clients.
Business Development : To develop business utilizing the existing resources to an utmost extent with a view to expanding it to overseas including neighboring countries.
Commitment to the Society :To conduct business in the most ethical manner and with legal standards and compliances to create a good social environment.

  • Zinix Incorporation has a well co-operative, young and energetic group of employees fostering their latent talent.
  • Zinix Incorporation is now at the highest growth than ever of its kind.
  • Zinix Incorporation’s staff members work independently.
  • Zinix Incorporation maintains a very good business relationship with the partners as well as its stakeholders.
  • Zinix Incorporation’s prime concern is to focus on children/ students assisting them by providing quality education materials for their bright future.
  • Zinix Incorporation always keeps up-to-date with the latest design and technology.
  • Zinix Incorporation has a strong management team to monitor all the things.
  • Zinix Incorporation is an emerging Bangladeshi Brand.

In this business organization, there are several departments including Production, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounts, Human Resources (HR) and Admin. With the concerted efforts of these departments, the company focuses on producing quality learning materials. Together with our expertise, intelligence and professionalism, we do our jobs and assignments at the top level in order to ensure continual developments in all stages including quality, design and innovation. There are dynamic, smart and self-motivated team experts in different arena who are working relentlessly to enhance the quality of products using eco-friendly and advanced technology. At present more than 400 skilled workforce are working endlessly in our company as a dynamic team.