Zinix Metal Permanent Marker

Zinix Metal Permanent Marker: Unleash Your Creativity with Precision and Durability

  • The 2 mm writing width provides precise and accurate markings, making it ideal for a range of applications.
  • The marker’s metal tube construction makes it sturdy and long-lasting, even under frequent use.
  • The marker’s resistance to color fading over time allows you to enjoy vivid and durable color.
  • This function keeps paint from smudging and leaves any surface with a polished, clear gloss.
  • This writing instrument can be used for a variety of tasks because it can be written on clean, flat surfaces such as glass, plastic, and whiteboards.
  • The robust adhesive characteristics of the marker guarantee that your markings remain in situ, yielding dependable and safe outcomes.
  • The marker is excellent for a variety of locations because it is resistant to water and keeps its integrity even in damp conditions.


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The Zinix Metal Permanent Marker in fascinating Blue will elevate your writing experience. It’s a strong instrument that will alter how you mark and create. With a writing width of 2 mm, this remarkable marker guarantees accuracy and precision with every stroke, making it a perfect partner for a variety of uses.

The Zinix Blue Marker is made to last thanks to its sturdy metal tube construction. Because of its sturdy design, which ensures lifespan, it’s a dependable option for professionals, artists, and anybody else who appreciates high-quality writing utensils.

The durability of this marker’s color to fading is one of its best qualities. The Zinix Metal Permanent Marker preserves vivid and long-lasting color, so you can wave goodbye to lifeless and dull marks and guarantee that your creations make an impression. The resistance to color fading of this marker makes it stand out from the competition, whether you’re using it for labeling, art projects, or business presentations.

The Zinix Blue Marker’s instant-drying feature is revolutionary. Smudges and sloppy marks are no longer an issue because the ink dries nearly instantly, enabling you to work quickly and precisely. Because of this, the marker is especially useful for jobs that need to be completed quickly and neatly.

One major benefit of the Zinix Metal Permanent Marker is its versatility. This marker can be used on glass, plastic, whiteboards, or any other spotless, level surface, depending on your artistic or business demands. Its equal ink spread and fluid writing style guarantee that your lines are distinct and constant, which raises the caliber of your work as a whole.

Making a statement is the goal of the Zinix Blue Marker, not merely writing. Because of its powerful adhesive qualities, your markings will stay in place, yielding trustworthy and safe outcomes. The Zinix Metal Permanent Marker is a powerful and accurate tool for labeling, elaborate pattern creation, and package marking.

We suggest using Zinix Ink with the Zinix Metal Permanent Marker for the best possible experience. Because the ink is volatile, please store it somewhere dry. Always be sure to safely replace the cap after using the marker, and take care to keep it out of the reach of young children (under three years old) and away from fire and bright light.

To sum up, the Zinix Metal Permanent Marker in Blue is a tool that gives you the capacity to create, mark, and express yourself with unparalleled durability and precision. It’s more than just a writing instrument. The Zinix Blue Marker’s dependability and quality will help you elevate your efforts.

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