Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen

Elevate Your Writing with Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen – 12-Piece Set of Oil Gel Pens with Strips Design

  • Unlike other pens, the Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen has a distinctive and eye-catching design with eye-catching strips.
  • The oil gel ink glides on paper with ease and guarantees a constant, smooth writing experience.
  • Featuring a sharp 0.5 mm writing point, this pen is perfect for intricate jobs like sketching and elaborate writing.
  • The Type C classification increases adaptability, ensuring that the pen is dependable for a range of tasks and writing styles.
  • The timeless black hue gives your writing a sophisticated touch and improves the way your words look on paper
  • Packed with 380 mg of ink, every pen offers a dependable and long-lasting writing partner.
  • There are twelve pens in the kit, which is more than enough for all of your writing requirements.

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Strips (12 pcs)
Box (20 pcs)

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With the innovative and stylish Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen combo, you can write with greater style and inventiveness than ever before. The smoothness of oil gel ink and the accuracy of Type C technology come together in this limited edition of 12 pens, each embellished with eye-catching strips, to create a writing instrument that is both an artistic creation and a useful utility.

The unique design of the Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen, with its striking strips, makes it stand out from the competition. These pens, which are designed for individuals who value beauty in every detail, are more than just writing tools; they are statements of style. The Zinix set is the ideal partner for both professional and artistic tasks because of its elegant black exterior.

This extraordinary writing set’s core component is the extra-fine 0.5 mm writing point, which offers unmatched precision with each stroke. Writing becomes an artistic endeavor when you use the Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen. It is perfect for taking notes, drawing detailed illustrations, or just putting your ideas down on paper.

Savor the opulent sensation of oil gel ink as it flows so smoothly across the page. Your writing will be of higher quality thanks to the constant, fluid flow provided by the Zinix pens. You can rely on the durability of each pen, as each one holds 380 mg of ink, making it a dependable and long-lasting writing buddy.

You can have adaptability at your fingertips with the Type C categorization. The Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen easily adjusts to your individual writing style, whether you prefer to write in bold or delicate lines. This pen set is made to handle the demands of a wide range of duties, whether you’re a professional note-taker, an artistic planner, or a creative artist.

For individuals of all backgrounds, the Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen is an adaptable instrument that may be used for a wide range of tasks. These pens provide you with the versatility you need to move between jobs with ease, whether you’re taking notes during meetings or drawing your next masterpiece.

Amid a sea of standard writing implements, the Zinix Pencil Touch Ballpen set stands out as an elegant and useful alternative. With this painstakingly assembled compilation, which redefines the art of writing by fusing style, precision, and creativity, you may write with greater ease and enjoyment. Make the most of every syllable and embrace the Zinix experience.

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Stripe (12 pcs), Box (20 pcs)